You heard right. We here at Blue Anchor Risk Solutions are back at it and bringing new products to the market once again.

The Journey started 9 months back during a time of unrest and questions, when the Industry had a mini breakdown thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic. What crazy person would have thought it a good time to come up with something new, fresh and innovative. The answer? Us of course.

With the world changing and new things happening a little idea has grown into a BLOOMING market. Yep that’s right, we at Blue Anchor have started the first and only comprehensive cover available in SA for Growers of medicinal Cannabis. We’re not stopping here, as the Cannabis Market grows so will our Product line, but to start we have our Cannabis Liability Cover in place.

Read all about it here in an Article written for Cover Magazine (April 2021) by our very own Ildiko Richardson, the brains behind the Madness.

April 2021 Cover Mag