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Frequently Asked Questions


Why do Insurers need to be FSCA Registered?

Licensing is a critical component in the regulatory framework and serves a key function in the supervision value chain. It facilitates and provides an entry point for applicants before they are allowed to conduct business as a financial institution.

What role does the Ombud play for you and your client?

The role of the Ombudsman is to conduct an impartial review of customer complaints in an effort to facilitate a resolution.

Where can I find details of the Ombud?

Details of the Ombud can be found on our Statutory Notice (Home Page). Alternatively follow this link, https://www.osti.co.za/

How can you lodge a complaint with Blue Anchor Risk Solutions?

This is a matter we take very seriously, please send any complaints to info@barisks.co.za. This is our central point of reference and from here our diligent Office Manager will forward the compliant to the correct individuals who will assist you in the timeliest manner.

Why does your client need to read and understand their Policy documents?

It is essential that you read and, most importantly, understand what your policy says because it has important implications for whether or not the insurance you bought does what you expect it to do for you.

Here are several reasons.

  1.  Your policy contains important dates.
  2. Underneath all that jargon is important stuff.
  3.  Your policy outlines what covers you have.
  4. Your policy contains your limits.
  5. Your policy sets out certain conditions of contract.
  6. Reading your policy helps you stay up to date with any changes that occur at renewal.

What do Hospital gowns and Insurance Policies have in common??

You’re never quite as covered as you think you are.

With a unique set of service offerings, Blue Anchor Risk Solutions is leading the Market with its diverse and in-depth knowledge of Specialist Insurance Products viz. Liability classes, Assets and Crop in the Medicinal Cannabis Field.

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